Parent of adult child with Asperger's and ADHD seeking services in CO

Lisa - posted on 08/13/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I stumbled on this site and so thankful to find it. My husband and I are very near the end of our rope. My 23 yr.old son was diagnosed with ADHD at 12. He always hated taking his meds. He didn't finish high school but ended up getting his GED at 21 and hasn't done much of anything since. His juvenile years spent in and out of trouble and now he has what he feels an insurmountable debt (under 3K) to pay back. Odd jobs never lasting for more than a couple of months. In and out of our home because we just couldn't understand why he didn't want to work, and were so fed up with his excuses, lying about taking money, no motivation to get up and out. He spends all night on his PS3 (that he bought with his own money) and sleeps all day. Did I mention he also has a 3 yr. old daughter? We are raising her because her mother was underage at the time and in foster care so she was having her own issues as well and he just won't.

It wasn't until I read these posts that I realized my son may be suffering from Asperger's as well. Not just laziness (a reason my husband will stick to). I'm sure he is also suffering from depression. For a brief time we were seeing a therapist but my son could never get himself to the appointments, he would "forget" or just blow them off. After a while he just stopped trying and we stopped trying to force it. The constant pushing and pulling to get him to do anything is too much and causes quite a strain between my husband and I.

I've decided to give him another chance to get his act together but I'm trying to find resources in Colorado for assistance with finding work or financial assistance, therapy, meds, etc. We live in northern Colorado just outside Boulder. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Your son is an adult. He needs to realize that and get on his feet. Your continual taking him back in and not enforcing contracts, terms or anything else on him is NOT helping him to do what he needs to do.
Now you need to go the tough love route.

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