Parental Controls - What are you using?

Ana - posted on 12/04/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am working on a start up for a new idea in parental controls. Your help would really be appreciated!

Do you use parental controls for your kids? Why or why not
What parental controls do you use on your kids computers?
Do you think they work well?
What are the draw backs?
Do you have confidence that they are properly protected?

Thank you!

Ana Abraham
2 Boys
Tween and Teen


Rachel - posted on 02/03/2016




Hello, Ana! Nice to meet you here. Thank you for the question. Yes, I use a monitoring software and the keylogger from website in order to monitor my son's phone. I can see the messages he sends and receives, some social networks data, etc. I like it because I don't have to restrict anything on his phone, but I can still be sure that my child is safe online

Michelle - posted on 12/04/2015




I don't use them either.
I monitor their usage and they are always in the family areas while on technology. It's about being an active parent and not relying on other things to parent for you.

Dove - posted on 12/04/2015




No, I don't. I drill into their heads about internet safety, monitor usage of young children, and talk, talk, talk to my teens about what is going on and remind them of things they know... and check in w/ them regularly.

I do not believe there are any guarantees of privacy and safety on the internet, but yes... I have confidence that my kids are as well protected as they can be because they are taught self monitoring and not given internet privileges above what they can be trusted to handle.


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Ev - posted on 02/03/2016




I never used the parental controls. Kids can figure their way around them for one thing and if not they will go to a friend to use the computer so they can get to the sites they want to go to. The best and only good parental control is the PARENT. I wouid set the computer where I could see it as I passed by doing chores around the house. I would even look at the screen over their shoulders. I also had long talks with them about internet issues and how to protect themselves. I had rules and consequences for them if they went to sites not approved by me. I think the software parental controls work for a certain percentage of things but they are not overall the best choice. Too many things can be gotten around by anyone that tries hard enough. Not all of them do keep out the unwanted sites. I do not think that the kids these days are protected enough with just software. We see a lot of posts on here where kids have been given the whole use of the internet or wifi on the smart phones and the parents asking what to do. Kids do not need the smart phones or access to all the social apps or other sorts of apps that are available. They then are able to see things they should not be seeing. Some kids send texts that are inappropriate for their ages and even pictures too.
Rachel--I do not know the age of your son but those parental controls are not enough. You should physically handle his phone at the end of the day and look to see what is on it. There should be restrictions on what he goes to and sees on the web because those parental controls might fail.

Ana - posted on 12/04/2015




Thank you Dove for your reply. I love your answers. I agree with your statement about - talk talk talk to your teens and check in with them regularly. Thanks again. I appreciate it.

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