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My ex and I have joint custody of our children and everything has been good for the past six years . We opted out of the system and parent together without court involvement . My problem is this . He is a great dad and loves his children but allows them to do as they wish and thinks a schedule or routine is bad , ok I get it as long as my kids are ok I'm ok . Here's what's going on when my kids come to moms house they have rules they have schedules they have routines . I simply won't allow them to back talk me or refuse to do homework etc . So I yell and now due to yelling he wants to take my children and not allow me to see them . Can he do this ? I am a good mother but I refuse to let my kids walk all over me .


Ev - posted on 04/06/2014




1) Since there is no court order he can take the kids and refuse to let them come home.
2) Since you both disagree on parenting and behavior issues, you should either go to counseling or get mediation.
3) If these are not options then its time to visit court and get joint custody declared, get visitation set up, get child support set up and then set into the court orders for custody and visitation how the kids need to be on the same schedule at both homes with the same rules and consequences so it is clear to all involved what goes on with the kids.

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