Parenting books...suggestions on what's good?

Meagan - posted on 02/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




We're hitting the terrible two's a little early at 18 months. With his impressive vocabulary, the only word we hear anymore is "NO!!!". Screaming fits, tantrums, meltdowns...::sigh:: I'm looking for a good parenting book with some thoughts and ideas that I can put to good use. Any suggestions, mommies??


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Gwen - posted on 02/06/2012




I usually skip the books and ask more "seasoned" moms or teachers for their advice. It's nice to hear what has worked (or not!) in REAL LIFE :-)

Adrienne - posted on 02/05/2012




as a single mom of 2 I never resorted to parenting books but have seeked the advice of friends, family, and online communities. I have to say though I hate when people talk about the "terrible twos" my first child never had terrible any age (yes I was lucky minus the colicky nights i went through) but my second demon child? I believe her 'terrible twos' started shortly after birth. At three now my daughter has cursed, thrown tantrums like she's been beatin (and no I've never hit my kids), she's thrown things (yea, the best was her little tikes chair she threw at the christmas tree) and she yells at me like she's in charge. One thing I've heard about the 'no stage' it's what they pick up on from us. They are told no a lot (no don't touch that, no don't do that, etc) so she will repeat that back.

I can't really give any advice without knowing what the situation is for example if she won't get dressed tell her she can't play with her toys or go outside but say it like want to go to the park or want to play with your dolly's she'll (hopefully) say yes then say ok we have to get dressed first.

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