Parenting Differences--What to do?

Victoria - posted on 07/27/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My boyfriend and I, we have two boys together, they are 4 & 2. Recently my boyfriend and I have been really butting heads on how the kids should be disciplined, needs a consistent routine, and I also had grounded my kids from their TV and I had told him about it and why when he got home, but then I catch him later on that night in their room watching TV with the oldest. Ugh. I'm not sure how I should deal with all this, I mean I know that since he is a parent should say so, but its like he isn't even coming from a parents stance anymore, its more about being the kids friends, and alot of them time like the tv situation undermines what I say to the kids and let them do it anyways. I do 99.9% of the disaplining, which is fine with me because I always have been the harder parent, but I just don't understand why he doesn't back me up like a father should, and why he thinks its okay for them to continally watch tv before bed, he thinks its okay, but really yes it seems okay for now, but however I want them to getting used to going to sleep in the dark at the same time every night to get that good amount of sleep specially when schools comes up, so that way it won't be a struggle when that time comes. Parenting Differences=a hard battle to fight and win. Not sure what I should do, I'm almost so fed up with it, its a never ending battle that I feel like Ill never win, really considering giving him up because I sure won't changing what I want to achieve and expect of my boys but Its like I'm stuck between a hard place and a rock. and I know I'm hard headed and set in my ways but its not like i'm asking for anything out of what children and parents should be doing.


Marcella - posted on 07/27/2014




Hi Victoria

I am sorry you and your boyfriend are having a hard time. I understand what you are saying. I have been in this situation before in my marriage, but when all else fails I just let my husband learn the hard way. I know this is not helping the kids learn anything, but when he sees how it affects him as well he will understand where you are coming from. For example, when he has to do paperwork, and the boys are still awake because of the television, and they want him to come and watch television with them, and he can't, so he tries to make them turn it off and go to sleep, but they start acting out because he has let them keep it on. He will start to realize you were right.

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