Parenting kids that are totally opposite of each other...

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I have a 4 year old son and two year old daughter. They are total opposites!! What techniques work with my son DO NOT work on my daughter! And vice versa! I love them both and want to be able to nurture and discipline them effectively, but sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy trying to remember what works with which kid!!! Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice or helpful tips?


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I had the same issue, older son, then a girl. (then another boy and then another girl as well)
We set up house rules. The basics; no hitting, no teasing, no grabbing etc. My two year old girl, Molly was very verbal so that was not an issue. It was with other kids, but if your two yo can talk, fine. My son was black and white, still is, it was either right or wrong and there was no emotion. My daughter, was an emotional responder, she didn't mind as much if he hit her, but why he hit her. While he just knew if she hit him, she was wrong. It was a challenge, but we started trying to get them to understand about what to do if you make a mistake. First you feel sorry, then you say sorry, then you offer to make it right. For both kids, we had consistent consequences; at 2 and 4 it was loss of the afternoon video, or favorite toy went away for the afternoon.
All you may have to change it your tone of voice or the language you use. James, my son, was a what and where kind of kid and Molly was a how and why. Does that make sense? Or are you having a totally different issue.

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