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Tiffany - posted on 06/04/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Lately I have been having a hard time sleeping. The reason being, I have to take my kids to Michigan in 7 days for them to spend roughly 7 weeks with their father. I am scared to death for many reasons honestly. One being neither kid really wants to go because he has barely been in their lives up until I wanted to move and he got married to a woman he has only known for 6 months and been married to her for 4 of those 6. My kids do not know her or her two children and my son is upset about having to go because their father don't do anything fun with them and he says they all like MaKaila more, which is partially true. You see MaKaila is his little sister and their fathers family has always showed favoritism towards her. I am trying my hardest to bypass my fears and let my children go, however the closer it gets the harder it is to let them go. Another one of my things is I haven't really ever been away from my children and especially this far apart. We live in two different states. I live in Virginia and he lives in Michigan. Not sure what to do. Any suggestions or stories of example is much appreciated!


Katherine - posted on 06/17/2012




Where in Michigan? That's where I live! I live in Canton. The weather here is really nice. There's a lot to do. I haven't been in your situation but my ex and I are separated. He only takes them on Saturday though. Apparently he is going to take them fro a week this summer up north and I'm not too fond of that idea....I've never been apart from them that long.

7 weeks is a long time! Is this the first time he's seeing them in a long time or something? Are you staying here the 7 weeks? Let me know what part of MI. How old are your children?

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