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Hi if you haven't all heard there is a website that you can look up which peadofiles are in the UK female as well as males, we have to spread this around as chris needs help C.H.R.I.S. as the website is called was made by chris funnily enough. He has made this site as a warning to all that peadofiles are in our towns and schools,nurseries and scout groups, everywhere. They could be the little old man living down the road or the person you trust with your child. They are everywhere and we need to stop them. They (yes the peadofiles) have thier own forum chat site too it's called they talk on there how they are not evil just misunderstood and that the people against them are stupid and un-informed. They are sick and evil and must be stopped, please all help chris on his quest/ mission to out all the peadofiles! We need these people in prison at least! I say bring back hanging or the death sentence. please everyone be careful and if anyone could add him on fb he updates alot. Chris himself has been through some things if you want to read it's on his site under "my story" It's really sad and sickening but it put the point across and isn't as bad as the rest of the sick people on there. Yes he does have the nursery workers that have been caught. He has mostly everyone who has been caught at somepoint at being a peadofile or molstering children. please help spread this site around and tell chris of any that you know of so he can warn others. if you liive in the uk you can serch up your town/city or village, but mostly counties and see the peadofiles that live near you! so you know not to go down there on halloween or anything really. thanks kim x


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