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I just recently started giving my daughter pureed pears (homemade) for food, and I've noticed she's started to poop a lot more than usual, she would poop 2-3 times a day, and now it's pretty much every 1-1.5 hours (not big ones). I was wondering if this was normal, and if so, what other foods can get babies bowels moving (for future reference in case my LO ever gets constipated). Thanks guys!


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Pears are full of fibre, most fruit is. A good rule of thumb to follow is how you, baby's father or siblings react to foods. Whatever get's our bowels moving, will do the same to the baby's. Most fruit, especially prunes will get it moving. As soon as you start to feed cereals, you're baby's poops will really start to firm up, sometimes too hard. So remember to either mix a pureed fruit like pears or prunes into the cereal, or feed afterwards. Just so you know filling foods that you can puree is, bananas, green peas, sweet potatoes. They will fill the baby, yet not stop them up like cereal can. What I did with my littlest one, is I would give her some rice cereal with either peas or sweet potato, followed by a pureed fruit. That kept her filled up and kept her bowels moving. If you are feeding your baby too much bowel moving food, she's going to be hungry more often, (cause it doesn't stay in her digestive track very long.) Hope this helps. Happy feeding!


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