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how do i go about potty training a seven year old? This pee thing is becoming a serious issue. The drs say that its behavioral but i seem to disagree. My fear is that he will not get this under control. He is seven and going to school every day in a diaper because he would rather play with his friends, or whatever they are doing in class then get up to go use the potty. Sometimes he claims not to remember going. (not sure i buy that story) The teacher and nurse feel its an osha hazard for him not to wear a diaper since they dont sit in the same seats all day... How do i correct this issue? I have done the every twenty mins potty time. my 3 yr old hasnt had an accident in ages. Day or night and were starting to work on the potty with my 10 month old they see him everyday with wet spots or diapers. How do i explain to them whats happening. We are also stopping him from drinking at about 730 to help with bed time wetting but most of the accidents happen during the day.


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Has he been checked for an under developed bladder. Get a 2nd opinion if you need to. Is he maybe having emotional issues? It just sounds like there is a lot more to it then him just not wanting to go on the potty. Definitely remain patient with him because if there is more going on he is going to need all your patience, love and understanding. I know you may not want to hear this but maybe you should consider having been speak to a child guidance counselor not one at the school but one that is recommened. Does he use the potty when he is home? If he is doing that and only having problems at school then that is something you will definitely look into. I really hope everything works out.


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he is straight forward about the "accident" he will tell me that he didnt want to stop playing the video games or stop playing outside, he would just go in his pants. since he is in a diaper he doesnt see anything wrong with it. nor does it really bother him to wear the diaper. It only bothers him if he thinks you can tell he has a diaper on. being outside helping daddy to wash the car with no shirt.. not happening. getting wet by the hose with all his clothes on,.. not happening the diaper swells. ive scheduled another apt with a urologist. maybe they will find something.

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I would go back to the doctors because this is a major health issue and is having an impact on his every day life. He may not feel the sensation of peeing in which case he could not control it. You as his mum think he is just lazy? If you really do feel this then during the school holidays take him out of nappies and tell him from now on that is it let him have a go at cleaning his own clothes and the floor, but you must be 100% sure it is not a medical problem. This has gone on far to long either way call in the experts now you need outside help to crack this. Good luck!

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It could be something like a neurogenic bladder, or it could be an underlying neurological diagnosis. Either way, I don't think any 7 year old with typical mental development would like being in diapers, so if he were capable of using the toilet, he would be. I know it seems like a frustrating answer, but it's not meant to be. I'm just saying it sounds like the fault is not something he can control and it's time to get a referral to a nephrologist or urologist (I'm not certain which one), and if those come up blank, it's time to follow mental health avenues with a neurologist to check for nerve development.

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Has he been thoroughly checked for any physical issue.... UTI, etc..? Seen a counselor for an emotional/psychological cause? Is he full on wetting... or just dampening? If he's wetting then I'm inclined to think there is a physical or emotional cause that you are going to need outside help to have him overcome. If it's just dampening though.... I forget what the cause of it is, but my girls did it on occasion until after they turned 8. They stopped doing it at school by the age of 5 though. The doctor said there is a pill that would've helped, but we chose to just wait it out.

Does he TELL you that he'd rather play than use the potty? I'd buy that from a 3-4 year old, but most 7 year olds are more self-conscious than that and the peer pressure of him going to school in a diaper would be enough to get him to the potty if it were something he could control.

I don't know. I hope you can figure this out.

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