Pee/urine with holding

Elizabeth - posted on 02/09/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi my just turned 3 years old partially non verbal son started pre school/ppcd first week of January he did well the first week and by the second week he did not want to go on some days and that is when I noticed his urine withholding. By the third week of school he refused to go on some days and it was noticed by me that the urine with holding was becoming more frequent. For example my son would wake up in the morning dry from sleeping all night in his pull up then not go in the morning?! Then off to school three hours not go there still dry still wearing pull up from night before then go when I unloaded him out of car!? So we are talking 730 pm last reported urinating then urinating at 12pm the next day!? This week he stayed home from school with croup and I noticed he was urinating once a day I thought it was due to dehydration. Then as I monitored how much he was taking in I noticed he had ample to drink and had not urinated in 22 hours! I got him ready to take him to pediatrician but right before he peed in tub it appeared as though it was very little for as long as he was holding it. Pediatrician checked for uti. No uti but we were instructed to take him to pediatric er if he held it for eight hours. Now you know the history of up to now. He has held his pee for more than 8 hours. Several times in tub it apears as if a trickle might have come out. I am going to take him to pediatric ER in a moment. But my question is this I have seen other postings just like mine they (ER) will empty out bladder and send you home. How many times will I have to do this? Do I just keep taking him in every right hours if he is not urinating on his own? When do I stop? Other mothers have said eventually it corrects it self but after I take him in one time for drainage do I wait like the other mothers (perhaps 24-38 hours?) or do I keep going in? I don't know what to do? Please help!!

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