Peeing in his pants! He is 6 and he does it awake or asleep! Sometimes several times a day!

Amethyst - posted on 10/15/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




He does it out playing, he does it a school, he does it at Chick Filet! He does it and says he can't feel it but I know he is lying and it is like he just doesn't care.The teacher is working with him. We all ask him constantly to go to the bathroom, but at least once a day if not more he pees his pants! I don't get this!


Robin - posted on 10/15/2009




Definitely take him into see the doctor. Has he ever had control in the past or has he never really had a period of time being able to control it? A number of medical conditions can cause this. If he really has no control then punishing him for it can cause more harm than good. In any case, reminding him to go on a regular basis could be helpful.

Amy - posted on 10/15/2009




How long has this been happening? He may have a bladder infection or he could be stressing about something. My son used to do that to.

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Sounds to me like he needs to be checked, there is a reason that your child is wetting his pants. Which can be a sign ofmany things, infection, immature bladder, abuse...... Serveral reason.

I would have him checked and right away!!!

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sometimes kids do things just to get attention - any kind is better than none. while i am not suggesting you are not paying attention to your child...maybe make a BIG deal about something he has done well. I used to hold my son and tickle him all over while kissing him. We called it "attention" and he loved it. I did it when i caught him being good. I tried to catch him being good because he did have add and so much of the time his bad behavior was emphasized. Just a thought......


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My son is 4 and he is starting school this year , I'm concern because I'm not sure is he is wetting his pants on purpose or if he doens't notice is so hard to tell and enbarrasing for him I can tell what's going on I thought this was gonna get better but it seems like nothing changes , I finally took him to the Doctor and he told me this could be psycology or an infecction , and the worst a kidney or bladder problem , I'm very nervous and feel guilty beacuse I think I waited to long because at first I thought it was normal but is not normal

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It could be something medical, it could be something Pyschological, if there have been major changes at home, or school it could trigger these kind of things.....If its a problem that just started it is most likely one of thse things. I would take him to a doctor to see if this may be the case...If you get the all clear there then I would start cracking down, as far as taking away toys, special trips and so forth but let him earn rewards for accident free days with a big reward for a week of no accidents.

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Some might see this as cruel...but here goes. When my son purposely has an "accident"...and I know it's purposely, or just carelessness...I make him clean up his own mess. Such as, take off his wet clothes and put them in the laundry room himself. And then I make him get dressed himself. If it's pure laziness, then maybe he'll realize after doing it all himself, that it's a lot easier just to use the potty. If you haven't taken him to the Dr. about yet though, I def would, just to check and see if there's any other factors to it.

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My son was doing this to and I cracked down on him. It's laziness for the most part. They get so involved in what thier doing and don't want to take the time to do anything. He's nine years old and still has problems at night once in a while. He does have an overactive bladder but the doctor said if he doesnt drink anything after seven at night and goes to the bathroom at bedtime it should stop it. It has for the most part. Start with not letting him do things. Tell him no honey we can't go here until you can get your problem under control we have to stay near a bathroom so you can go immediately. This way you teach him to be more aware of the situation. If he can't get it under control then he can't do the things he likes to do. Take him to a doctor and he can see a specialist, just make sure its not medical.

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hey. may not be the same at all but my sister has pooped her pants almost every day since she was almost 4. I thought It was because my brother and I moved out of the house. Maybe she was rebelling or trying to get our attention or something. It's been ever day for the last 4 years and I was so frustrated. On a side note, my sister had to go to the principle's office for behavior problems on the second day of school and my mom finally realized that Autum had a problem that couldn't be ignored (she's been having a hard time in school since kindergarten). She took her to the doctor and Autum was diagnosed with adhd. Autum has been on medication for almost a month now and has not had one single accident! Apparently it's a symptom or sign of adhd, which I was never aware of.

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