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Lindsey - posted on 12/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my son is five years old and he started wetting his pants. He has been potty trained since he was three and all of a sudden he started peeing pants. I have tried everything from charts to rewards to taking things away to explain to him that he wasn't a baby. this started a little bit before the baby was born but I don't think it's a jealousy thing because after he does it he's very embarrassed to tell us we sometimes don't even know he did it because he hides the fact that he did it. The worst part is he does it for us at home but not with my dad or daycare. Any moms with advice?


Sarah - posted on 12/13/2014




You have the answer in your post, new baby. He is feeling stressed and uncertain about his position within the family. This is super typical behavior. Do not make a big deal out of it. Just say, "Oh no you've had an accident" and quietly change him, do not give negative attention or positive reassurance. For example, don't tell him you'd wish he'd be a big boy, but don't sooth him and tell him it is alright to wet his pants. Just be stoic. When he does go like a big boy, tons and tons of praise. Even turn to the baby and say, "too bad you're not a big boy like your brother". The baby won't know what you are saying but it will support your son's effort to get your attention with appropriate behaviors.

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