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My son us 6 yrs old. He is all the time holding his penis. Like at tge tip of it. He doesn't it every where even when sitting


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I think it's a boy thing. They find it in the womb and never let go :P My 4.5yr old does the same thing. It's totally a subconscious gesture.
What I do is every time I see him doing it, I tell him he needs to go to his room if he wants to do that, that it's private. If he wants to be out and around us, he needs to stop touching his penis. We've been doing this for over a year now, and now just tend to remind him *hands off your penis* and he knows.

It's not like it's a sexual thing at this age, it feels good and it can be a comfort. It helps to find another behavior to replace that one with, and to just keep reminding him what is and is not appropriate in public.

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