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Why is it people who doesn't have kids always want to tell you how to raise yours.


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Cathryn - posted on 06/09/2011




for the same reason that some people are 'back seat drivers'... it's a question of perspective. their perspective is, naturally, different from yours... sometimes they will see something, that can be useful for you, sometimes, no. it's up to you to decide what advice you accept and what your don't. it's your choice.
my kids are grown... and while i haven't forgotten how stressful little kids can be, i have to admit that i haven't had to get up with a crying child for a long time, so i'm more rested. i can see things differently than my children, or inlaw children... and i tell them to feel free to ignore any unsolicited advice i might give (and honestly, to ignore any solicited advice, too)...
you're being really sensitive about this. i'm not saying that someone 'telling' you what to do is right, but is it possible that they're making suggestions, and not barking out orders? wishing you all the best, and remember, that this, too, shall pass....

Miranda - posted on 09/23/2009




I agree with Sharon. It is MUCH easier to "parent" when you don't have children!! People who have no children THINK that they know how to do it all better than others.

I have also noticed that people who have raised their children tend to forget how HARD it is, how exhausting it is.....and how overwhelming it can all be.

Just love your your husband.....and try to ignore other people's judgments.

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Because they don't realise how hard it actually is to raise kids. Before I had kids I thought I had all the answers, I hadn't taken into account that children are actually little people with minds, personalities and wills of their own. I now know that kids are individuals and there are different tactics for different kids and different situations.

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