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Once my son is born I'm taking his father to court but he wants two days a week to be with his son but his dad left me at 7 months pregnant for another girl after we got back together when he left me 3 months pregnant and was with another girl I just feel like he's going to bring girls in and out of our sons life. And I don't want another girl around my newborn baby that I carried for 9 months when his father put me through hell and back during the pregnancy not only with girls this pregnancy is so hard for me and I'm trying my best it just hurts is there anything I can do so that he can't bring girls around my newborn baby?


Mary - posted on 04/16/2016




Hi Leah, Im sorry to hear of the situation your in. Is there any way to control who is around your child, when he/she is with their there isn't. But I can say that although I think it is always a good idea for both parents to be involved in the childs life, I would say that I couldn't imagine it being a good idea for a newborn to be ANYWHERE away from their mother. The first couple months are a VERY important bonding time and I personally (just my opinion) would happily allow for him to COME OVER for a visit, but def not to take the baby anywhere. (Again just my opinion). I think it is a good sign that you are already concerned about what your child might be exposed to, but at the end of the day, if that is what he is gonna do, run around with a bunch of different women, then thats what he is gonna do. That is just an aspect of him that your child will learn. It will be up to you as the mother to teach your child different. Dont all yourself to get to stressed about what you think might happen (as much as you can), this can be a very beautiful time for you, try your best to experience it, and as the babys mother dont allow yourself to be bossed around by anyone.

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