Period 2 weeks late, negative test, had a baby 6 months ago...

Charlene - posted on 12/16/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




So, partner and I do actually want a second child, so whether I get pregnant or not, it's not a worry. But, I started that Microlut pill (mini pill) about 4 months after having my Son, I took it for a month but it was making me really sick and REALLY moody so I stopped. I had 3 periods in that 1 month, as soon as I stopped, so did my period, moods and sickness.

We've had unprotected sex here and there, not that we have much sex anymore but you know. Anyway, I had my last period on the 1st of November, until about the 6-7th. I've had all kinds of discharge happening this month. Started white and sticky, went milky, thick and sticky, then back to white and sticky, now it's still white and sticky but non-stop.

I can't really judge by my last pregnancy, that was up and down and I had positive then negative tests for a month before it was confirmed.

The tests are negative, not even a faint line. So, do I keep testing or test once a week, or just simply keep waiting for a period?

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