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My Daughter is now 10 years old, she got her first period before 9 months at the duration of period her stomach is pain lots , please suggest me what I do?


Ashley - posted on 07/17/2012




you mean 10 yrs old is young for a period? i was told the age was between 9 and 13, my mom was 9 when she started her and my little cousin too. i was 11 when i started mine, and i sure hope your daughter isn't like me, my periods only got worse as i grew up.

when im having a really bad month i take pills and then take a really hot shower and let it run down my tummy (if you dont have a water bottle or heating pad this works just as good) usualy it dies the pain long enough for the pills to kick in.

i hope you the best for your daughter, it could be too if this is her first, she might not have another for a few months, my cousin at age 9 had her first period then didn't have another one for almost 5 months! mine where like ever 2 months for the first few yrs! hopefuly your daughter will be lucky as to not have another for a while.

Louise - posted on 07/17/2012




Early periods are very painful, give her normal paracetamol and a hot water bottle helps to. When your daughter is older she can take the contraceptive pill which will help with the pain and flow of the period. For now though good pain relief and plenty of hot drinks and sympathy. My periods started at 10 and it was awful, very painful. If things get to much for her then take her to the doctors and see if there is anything else they can give her to make her more comfortable.


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