Period A Week Early, Now Nothing. What's Up With Me?

Dusty - posted on 03/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Everyone,

So here's my deal:
I am on the pill but sometimes I forget to take it right on time. I will take it a few hours late or even a day late sometimes. Also, I can honestly say I never take my placebo pills at all. My bad, I know. Anyway, this month I started my period an entire week early. It started off just brownish pink with slight cramping and sore breasts. Then it turned into more of a regular period but never red, just a heavy brown the whole time. I was very tired during the whole thing and slept often. It went away completely about 3 days ago. I should be having my period now, this week, but I am having no signs of it at all. I just find it very strange that I would have a "period" a whole week early but nothing at the time which I should be having it. I have also recently come down with a small cold. I have nasal congestion, runny nose and very tired. I have read on a few different blogs that women have come down with these types of symptoms and ended up pregnant.
I am just hoping to get some feedback on this. I took a PT last week and it was negative, but I do think if I were pregnant at all, taking one then was too early to tell.
Thanks everyone!


Livia - posted on 03/06/2014




You need to follow up with your gyne. You could have a cyst, you could be preg. You dont HAVE to take the placebo pills BUT i would just so you know and start taking the pills everyday at the same time unless your ready to be a mom :) The dark brown blood can be so many things, its not even good to guess or look up on the net. So just follow up with your doc asap! :)

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