Period / Implantation Perhaps or Something else wrong again :( :( :(

Benita - posted on 06/14/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Ladies, I have a very personal question of something I am undergoing right now which never happened before and to me is not normal at all. So 2 weeks back Sunday I did a pregnancy test which was positive followed by another positive the same evening, it was done at night so it was very light but the second line was there, the Monday morning I did a test very early in the morning, again a late second line then later the morning around 7:30 am I did another test this time the second line was darker. I went for blood and did a clear blue test which both then was negative. 4 Positives and then a negative blood test and a negative clear blue test. The Monday evening I had the egg white discharge. Which I thought to be strange since I had the positive pregnancy tests (at this time I was still waiting for my blood results). On last week Thursday I thought that I am going to start with my period, which I only have maybe once a year 2 at the most, but according to my gynae I still ovulate regularly. When I went to wee and wiped only when wiping I had a light pink discharge, and not much very little, my sister said to me that happens to her just before she start with her period. It only happened now and again it was not constant, on Friday I had a brown light and very little discharged on and of when wiping, Saturday light pink now and again during the day only when wiping and stopped at night. And then yesterday it thought it stopped completely but before I bathed just after 9pm I had a egg white discharge mixed with light and little blood, this morning again light brown discharge with the egg white mixture only when wiping. It seems to happen only when I move around a lot, its only when wiping, nothing comes out so there is no need for a tampon, pad or pantyliner. I know I am infection free. But to me this is not normal and strange. It never happened before. Any thoughts on this, obviously in my mind I run to implantation bleeding. But I cant afford another disappointment or breakdown.


Michelle - posted on 06/14/2016




So what did your doctor say when you had told her that you had 4 positive tests?
You really need to see your doctor, we don't know what's going on with your body.

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