period late again. what to think?

Merissa - posted on 10/19/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




hello mommies, im going to try and keep it short. i gave birth to my beautiful first child 9 months ago, her name is Noelle Jaylenn. but anyways i understand that it can be a while for periods to regulate after giving birth, thats why im not all that stressed about a 2nd pregnancy i just need advice on what i should think. moving on, i got my period back when my daughter was just 2 months had one every month since then. i recently started tracking them. last months period was a bit odd for me but i didnt really think anyting of it because of the unregulation after child birth. af was due on the 17th according to my tracker but came on the 19th. lasted a weird 6 days, with no heavy days. after i finished af, on the 26th i started to spot and that didnt last long at all. now my October period was due yesterday, still nothing today but just some thick white discharge. i always start my periods in the morning, so i highly doubt af will show up today. i am sexual active, unprotected you an say the withdraw method. ive also been bloated since my last period, which is very unusual for me. i do exclusively breastfeed still. i guess my question is what do you other mommies think, sould i be worried about a pregnancy or should i expected a period this weekend? also symptoms: early this week my nipples were sensitive, which i never have. but i though it was related to my period about to start. the night my period was suppose to start i was peeing way more than usual, now im peeing somewhat normal again. im hungry often. bloated. and now a bit of cramping. symptoms seem to come and go, so i dont know what to think.


Anaquita - posted on 10/19/2012




I would go see your ob/gyn to be on the safe side. You could be pregnant, or have some kind of an infection. (some discharge is normal, a lot generally isn't)

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