Periodic Breathing... Something every mom should know about!!

Starr - posted on 05/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My newborn was home for a few days when I noticed she stopped breathing in her sleep and then she would start again on her own.. I freaked out because I was worried she had sleep apnea or it was something that was connected to sids.. I have two other children and hadn't seen this before.. My three yr old quit breathing and required resuscitation at three week but it was reflux so I wasnt sure if it was the same or something worse.. I called the dr after recording an episode which if its not an emergency I highly recommend you do because I was able to show the drs what I had seen, and the dr suggested taking her to the hospital to be checked out.. So our journey began.. After a wk in the hospital two caths, one iv, three blood test, two urine bag collections, SIX unsuccessful spinal taps, one nose flush, and countless nights sleep they determined it to be periodic breathing.. Seems after watching my video they confirmed it and they said alot of newborns do it as they adjust to life in this world.. I was so scared but happy this was all it was. She had reflux to but the breathing spells were caused by the periodic breathing. So if your newborn scares you by hesitating a breath every few breaths dont panic.. It could simply be periodic breathing.. I hope this helps just one person and saves a baby from the pain my little girl went through I'll be greatful no matter how stupid I sound.. =/ good luck new and old moms... Im an old mom still new mew tricks.. :)


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