Periods after birth.. and in pregnancy??

Linda - posted on 07/07/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi all! My first baby was born in the beginning of September and my period returned in the beginning of November! I've been breastfeeding all along, she is 10 months now and still nurses like crazy ("boob" she demands nearly every hour it feels like...) we sleep together and she nurses a couple of times in the night, and a couple of times in the early morning before we actually get up. With these two factors at play I have continually been surprised about my period returning so quickly and normalizing pretty much right away. Not this month, I'm a week late. Nothing has changed with my health, life, etc. Also there's been no sex since March, my husband is away on deployment. I've read on some sites where women claim they've had periods well into their pregnancies and I guess I'm just curious to hear more relating to that. If it was actually real period type bleeding (obviously not "real" period but you know, same amount of days, same flow, that sort of thing) I had no bleeding with my first pregnancy. We kind of wanted to get pregnant before he left but it's been really difficult being single mom (I have no family or friends that can help where we got stationed..., just mom and baby and she is high needs, high energy! so it was a good thing I didn't get pregnant) but now I'm thinking it would be awesome if I actually was pregnant cause I'd be halfway through already! Wishful thinking I'm sure, but my period has always been consistent since I quit birth control 7 years ago. I look forward to your feedback ladies!

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