Periods, makeup and bras

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Children wearing make up is weird they then want to grow up more get their periods, have a boyfriend and get boobs so here's a few tips mom's! Girls should be getting their first bra by the age of 13 basically once the start high school.
Periods. Talk to your daughters about what happens to them as they grow older about the age of 10 or if you want to talk to them earlier that's ok. Most girls once they find out will be shy then start asking loads of questions. Then once their friends start talking about it they want to get it. So they want to get why? Because they want to be cool they want to start buying tampons and pads.

Makeup. Girls want to start wearing make up at the age of ten so google what happens to children's skin when they were makeup and explain to your daughter it makes your skin more oily and wrinkly by the age of 20. But if you want your child to wear makeup think about the cost for foundation like its very expensive.

First bra.
Girls will want to start wearing bras when they want to have a boyfriend the right age to get your child a bra is when they are starting high school some girls don't want to wear bras so tell them what happens if you don't. eg:
Think about it in a funny way that they will bounce up and down at PE.


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Funny how you word this, like each girl is exactly the same, going to start their period at a prescribed age, going to develop at precisely the same time (and wait until they are over the age of 14 to do so...)

Ladies, the practical approach is to be discussing these things with your daughters from the time they are old enough to have an understanding of their bodies. Which usually starts around the age of 2, when they're old enough to ask you why you have to wear feminine products, or a bra.

I (personally) disagree with introducing make up, period, but that is only because I know what it did to MY skin, and that my skin is much happier without.

Bras should be introduced when development begins. For some girls this is as young as 10. Others may not mature until later, but to arbitrarily say "you can wear a bra when you're 15" isn't necessarily going to work. And don't shame them into wearing one. Heck, I can't stand the damn things personally, but wear one in public because it's the "correct" thing to do... but I'll defend my right to go without as well...

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