persistent mother?

Carliecolbron - posted on 02/01/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




iya, I'm a new mum...a young mum only 20, 19 when i had my daughter...
I'd likw some advice, since having my daughter MY mum has always been there, at times it has been great, but i haven't really been given a proper chance to bond with my daughter. I mean i love her to bits don't get me wrong, but my mum always does stuff foe me and dosent give me a chance to make mistakes or succeed in being a mum. My littke girl is now 7months old, my mum is the obe who gets her of to sleep, when I'm still asleep in the morning she takes her from the bed and gets her ip and dressed and feeds her. I'm not aa lazy mum, i really want to do all of these things but my mum won't give me the chance. I have been able to feed her before and change her bum, but my mum is taking over. She dont even live with me and she is just here 24/7 how do i tell my mum to back of and let me raise my daughter and be with my daughter the way i see fit, not the way she wants?!

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