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Makaylarevett - posted on 10/09/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Considering I am on Jolivette for birth control... I am not sure whether to run to the obgyn that have the meds to me. I have been bleeding for 4wks, but it is really light. I guess almost like spotting. But, I have been worried and my husband wants me to call her... However, I am not to sure I would like anything to do with her...

1. She botched when she was sewing me up. I had a vaginal birth but she had to cut me. So.. Now it doesn't look right in anyway with a piece of flesh hanging. I don't even want to have relations with my DH anymore, because I can't stand it... I am so worried how he will feel about it. Every other thing I'm fine with like the scar...

2. She continually and repeatedly pressed around my DS's head roughly during his crowning. I do experience pain in the vaginal area because of it. More frequently than I think should be felt.

3. She associated my cramps and vaginal bleeding (not while urinating) with a bladder infection.

Should I go to a doctor and find out if it is just spotting from taking the jolivette or not? My obgyn just gives me bladder infection medication and it hasn't helped at all?


Michelle - posted on 10/10/2016




You have every right to go to another doctor if your isn't looking into the cause of your pain. If you aren't happy or comfortable with her then find someone else.

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