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Ev - posted on 03/15/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




Lately, my greatest pet peeve has been the way people where I live drive. A lot of them barely use their turn signals to let it be known their turning or lane changes. I have stopped at lights where I see them sitting there paying more attention to their phone than on the road. I note that some act like they are better than others and have the right to the road more than others. I hate it when someone gets on my tail and does not back off a bit. One night my sister and I were headed out and got the the busy downtown area. This girl behind me inched forward while we were waiting for an open spot to turn onto the street. She made all sorts of motions that I would see in my mirror. Honked her horn. I was so sure she would rear end me. I turned finally and she went another way. It seems like all the rules fo the road are gone when they do drive.


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