Pets & Baby :'(

Lee - posted on 07/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Help! So we have an almost 4 month old baby. We also have 3 cats. We have had the cats for almost 2 years and rescued them from the local ARL..I do love them but My husband is so in LOVE with the cats...We live in a one bedroom small apartment. Since having the baby ( I have always been a little OCD) but now I am a crazy person! I really want to find another home for them and the stress that they cause me is getting worse and worse. However my husband won't even think about adopting them to another family. I am the one home all day with them. One of them is a very messy litterbox user ..he always poops on himself and gets it on his paws.. One of them pukes frequently as well. (Sorry I know this sounds ridiculous) I can't even stand putting her on the couch or on the floor because I feel like it is so dirty from them... They try and lay on ALL her things..blankets play mats etc. and even scratch up her play mat. I try to remember to put them up but when I go upstairs I sometimes forget.. I don't know what to do.. I also feel like we can't ever have nice things or put anything out because they jump and knock everything over. I can't even bare the thought of her crawling... Am I just crazy? I feel so guilty and I know it would break his heart if we ever got another home for them so I could never live with that either :'(


Mary - posted on 07/25/2013




it sounds your home is quite crowded...a 1 bedroom apartment doesn't sound like the best place to have 3 pets, 3 walking pets and a baby, if I were you, with all the love I might feel for a pet, I'll put myself and my baby fisrt and get rid of the pets. Find them a loving home

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