Petticoating as Discipline

Jessica - posted on 07/23/2015 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have an aunt who swears by something she calls "petticoat discipline". It is using the threat or actual action of dressing a boy in girls clothing or a dress as an act of correction. She never hits or gets loud or angry (that I see). She says she rarely has to use it but even just the threat of it does wonders. She feels it can make aggressive acting out boys behave and quick. Honestly I have to say from what I see in her 10 year old it is hard to argue. He is polite, happy and very, very respectful for a boy. On the rare occasion when he acts up she will quietly say "Do you think we'll be needing a dress today"? I had not previously heard of this but I sort of get it. It seems to work but I feel skiddish.


Dove - posted on 07/24/2015




Attempting to humiliate a child is not discipline. It's mental/emotional abuse. Your aunt is a sick and twisted individual and I would no longer be spending any time w/ her and would never allow my children to be exposed to her. I would also give an anonymous call to CPS to see if they would be able to check it out... because even though emotional abuse is much harder to prove... the scars can and often do run deeper than physical abuse.

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Sarah - posted on 07/23/2015




Yikes that is just sick. How on earth does publicly humiliating your child teach them anything but to fear and resent you?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/23/2015




That is pretty awful. She is controlling her child through social embarrassment. That does NOT make her a good mom. Just controlling. Also, it is confusing the child and making him think clothing is a punishment. WTF?

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