Pick School near home or work?

Irma - posted on 02/25/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is in kindergarten and we put her at the school near to my work because at that time I thought it would be more convenience but then I realized all her friends is not in the neighborhood. Should I transfer my daughter to school in my district near home or just keep her where she is right near my work? Thanks!


Sarah - posted on 02/25/2015




Long term wise which school do you think will be the best for her? I would look at the long term rather than the short term. My daughter has friends in the neighborhood that attend different schools (private, homeschool) and it works. She will have different groups of friends and may tend to do more activities with school friends over time, but that does not mean she will not develop neighborhood friendships as well. The thing I would look more at is what are your plans if your job moves or you get a new job. Will she continue to attend the school she is currently at? As she gets older and into school activities you will be running to that location and not the one close by your home (which can be a pro and a con depending on times those events are). You also have to look at what each school offers. Are both schools good schools for academics? My suggestion would be that if long term wise you would prefer the neighborhood school then switch her now as the longer you wait the harder it might be for her. If long term wise the school she is currently at works good then keep her there.

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