pickiest of picky toddler

Vanessa - posted on 10/18/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have always read about picky toddlers but never did I think it would be mine. She refuses to eat most meats and almost all veggies. I have tried fresh, frozen, canned, mashed and everything in between. I shred meat and hide it in pasta and she still picks it out. Once in awhile she will eat chicken nuggets, or random times a pork chop but hates mashed potatos, stuffing, and it is hit and miss with pasta. She eats spaghetti or ravioli more often than not but that gets old. It is just me and her and I work so on week nights we get home late so there is not a lot of time to prepare or cook meals. She loves the little pouches of mashed fruits but throw a vegetable in there and she won't touch it.

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