Picking her nails and cuticles

Nolly - posted on 10/19/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




The past few months my 3 year old has been picking her nails (definitely not biting them) and so the nails are short & all the skin around them is red & sore. I've tried putting creams, tea tree oil to disinfect them, threatening her with going to the doctor (she doesn't like the doctor) but nothing seems to be working. I think she started to pick them because I have been away a lot for work and it started out as a nervous thing but now it seems to be a very bad habit. Any suggestions anyone?


Tamara - posted on 10/19/2011




I still pick at mine, when they hurt I stop. I havent got an infection or anything. My daughter has the same issue too. The dr looks at it when we go it as part of her exams just to make sure its never to bad.

One thing that did slow my daughter down was painting her nails, I went to sallys beauty and talked to the lady about some that if she ate it what would be safe we found a couple then let her pick and she likes having them pretty so that does help some until it starts to chip on its own so its something to think about but you gotta keep on top of. I make a huge deal about it being a big girl thing and how pretty they are, before I did it I told my oldest son and hubby to make a big deal about how pretty they are too. (I figured the more positive feedback on it the better) Good luck

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