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Teeny_2306 - posted on 02/13/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So, My son back when he was 1 used to eat everything. Meatloaf, spaghetti, sweet potatoe, green beans.... alot of stuff.. Now he is sooo picky with his textures He only wants pizza, mashed potatoes, baked potates, anything potatoes, and macaroni, and chicken nuggets. Pretty much stuff with no nutritional value. I try dicing up chicken really fine and mixing it with soupy rice or something (sometimes he eats soupy rice if hes in the mood) and hell spit out the fine chopped chicken...I used to sneak cauliflower into the mashed potatoes...nope...found the cauliflower. Hell eat club crackers, rice cakes, baked chips, jellow.even banana all that with lots of texture but he wont eat the other stuff... I know its partly my fault, he's my first and I give in a lot which I shouldnt do. Is this normal for his age to be very picky?? If you had a very picky eater how did you get him to eat, or did he just come around later? I give him a pediasure a day just to get some of the vitamins in there. He only likes banana. lol I've tried other food and frankly I'm driving myself nuts. Tried spaghetti last night and it was a fail.


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Dove - posted on 02/13/2016




Serve him a variety of the foods you know he used to eat (including one of the items you know he will still eat... and possibly a new, healthy item that he's never tried) and let him be in charge of what he eats and when.

Unless there is something physically or emotionally wrong w/ him... he won't starve. I knew a little girl at 2 who would literally lick the syrup off a waffle and be done w/ breakfast. lol She's still rather picky, but she's a healthy, thriving teenager now.

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