Picky 4 year old

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My 4 year old daughter is a super picky eater she wont eat meat or veggies without a fight, any advice on what I can do? Thanks :)


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Are there any veggies or meat she WILL eat? If there is one type that she does enjoy try to incorporate that into a lot of meals (not all of them but a bunch).

I would also try to mix the vegetables into food she already likes. If she likes mashed potatoes that's a great food to have it with. You can throw pees or corn, (meat if you really want but better for veggies) into it. You can have sweet potatoe fries instead of regular fries. You can boil carrots and put them into spaghetti. Whatever she already really likes to eat if you can somehow put veggies/meat into it can be a great way to get her eating it.

I would also give up the power struggle. Don't force her to eat anything she doesn't want. Have it there on her plate but don't make her eat it. Tell her it's up to her what she wants to eat. You might also try making things like lasange, or spaghetti with meatsauce etc. Meat and veggies don't always taste that good, especially to little kids.

I know a good way to get my son to eat something (or at least try it) is to offer him extra food that he likes (not snack food). But if I want him to try a bite of something on his plate, and he's eating french fries and ate all the ones I gave him I'll tell him, you can have more french fries if you eat one peice of this. If he refuses he doesn't have to try it, but he doesn't get more french fries, if he says yes he tries it and has more french fries. It's not an argument or a battle it's just an offer, if you want this I want you to try 1 bite of this. At first he used to refuse and then yell at me for not giving him more of w/e but I just kept telling him it's ok, you don't need to eat it, I was just offering. Eventually he would try 1 teenytiny bite while going ahhahaaha (even though he's the one that said he wanted to do it) and when he did I was like YAY wow that's great, I'm glad you tried this, it's ok if you don't like it but I'm really glad you tried, high five (then of course whatever food he'd been offered more of).

If the child refuses constantly she'll realize you're trying to trick her and just for a week or two, once you've discussed she can eat what she likes, don't try to get her to eat anything. You have to really let go to, don't force or encourage any food. After about two weeks you can try the offering thing to see if it works, if it doesn't work try again later.

Try to be creative but don't make seperate meals and don't give her a snack afterwards if she's hungry from not eating at dinner.

I would also get her on a childs vitamin and try to see if she'll eat anything to replace meat (beans in rice/stew, or tofu). It may not work but getting it out there is helpful.

Good luck!


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Try to be creative but don't make seperate meals and don't give her a snack afterwards if she's hungry from not eating at dinner.


I totally agree with this statement. Eventually she'll get hungry and eat what she's given.

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