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My 13 month old is a picky eater and I'm looking for suggestions to get him to eat more things. He'll eat any fruit or applesauce, waffles and pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch and dinner get tricky -- he will eat yogurt, PB&J, grilled cheese, pizza, ravioli, and sometimes mac n cheese (glad he eats these things, but feeling like they aren't the healthiest options). He refuses vegetables, they get tossed to the floor, so I either give him a pouch of baby food veggies or spoon feed him so he's getting something. Doesn't seem to like any type of meat. Just looking for ways to expand his palate to eat veggies and more proteins, and to eat what we are eating at meals as much as possible. His molars aren't in yet but close, but he does fine at chewing up most anything. Thanks for your help!


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Educare solved my problem. Although doctors and my gut always told me not too make a fuss of it.

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Thanks so much ladies! The link and recipe ideas are great. Going to give them a go tomorrow.

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I agree with Katherine...it sounds like he likes a wide variety of foods. He's still very young so don't stress yet. He will eventually try new things. But until then, eggs and beans are great protein foods if he doesn't like meat. If you are worried about veggies, hide them in foods that he does like. I find pureed carrots can easily be hidden in anything with red sauce. Slip some pureed squash into cheesy foods (same color and squash has a mild taste so he likely won't notice). Squash and zucchini are also easy to bake with. You can find tons of recipes online for breads that have zucchini or squash in them. Does he like yogurt with fruit inside? Mix in a bit of pureed veggies also. My kid is a fan of smoothies. I typically put into my food processor 2 cups of frozen berries, a banana, a cup of juice, a cup of yogurt and a cup of frozen veggies. She drinks it right up.

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He won't eat eggs? Beans have protein, if he'll eat those. There are many alternatives. Maybe he would enjoy the baked beans? It sounds like he eats a lot and he's really not too picky except for veggies.

I wonder what he would do if you blended spinich and hid it in his mac n cheese?

Here is a great link too: http://www.circleofmoms.com/article/What...

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