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she wont eat! morning i give her a bottle i waith about 15 minutes and then ill try feeding her pureed fruit or veggies and baby oatmeal she wont eat! shell rather play maybe i am feeding her at a wrong time maybe i should spoon feed her first then bottle i just dont know what to do any more.. she will eat eggs turkey ham and cheerios and sometimes her pureed fruits. any advice on how to get her to eat? she cares too much about playing!


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When I was starting solids with both my girls I would give them the solids first, then the bottle. Even though it's a liquid, the bottle will fill her up considerably so she may not be hungry anymore when you try the solids.

When my girls were first learning they got what we ate, just mushed up really well - then I moved on to really small diced fruits, vegetables, meat, etc - it's messy but they "play" with the food and learn how to grasp really well.

Also, if she is older, she may want to try feeding herself - after a certain point my youngest literally would not eat anything unless she was using her own baby spoon - then she'd eat anything I gave her.

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Is that milk filling up her belly? try offering her some food first...instead.

My son is really big on grazing. I can put down a plate of carrot sticks, peanut butter, pretzels and cheese bites and while he is running and playing he will stop and grab a bite and keep on going. He will sit in the window staring at the bird feeder munching on a fist full of pretzels.

I do still offer a structured schedule of meal times...We sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a family, but I do let him 'graze' during the afternoon. I get a lot of nutrition in him in the afternoons munching on curious little snacks he finds on the coffee table. I take away the snacks about an hour before dinner and then start involving him in preparing dinner. I lift him up so he can see the potatoes boiling in the pot. I let him lick the spoon and taste things as we cook. I show him the vegetables and have even handed over a potato or a carrot so he can touch and feel what "WE" are doing. He's my chief noodle tester, he tests the done-ness of our noodles.

Maybe some cute little toddler fork/spoon/plate/sippy cup....possibly the cool new toys she only gets to play with at meal time might be a little encouragement at dinnertime.

And be super happy at mealtime. Upbeat..smiling, cheerful...sing "yummy yummy" and try to make mealtime feel like a little mini-party.

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