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My son will be 2 in January. His best friend is a few weeks older and eats WAY more than he does. He won't even try most dishes. I find myself making more than 1 meal for him due to the fact he throws whatever I made him on the floor. Let me say that I do give him choices between 2 options- I usually end up making more than that just so he'll eat! Anyway, he picked out this pasta that is Elmo shaped for dinner tonight... put 1 piece in his mouth then spat it out immediately and threw the rest of his bowl on the floor. This was very quickly followed with a tantrum. He won't eat spaghetti, raw or cooked veggies or pretty much anything that isn't a snack food, chicken nuggets or fries (which I'm still angry at my mother about letting him have in the first place). I find myself looking at pictures on Facebook of my friends' kids enjoying steamed carrots and ravioli with sauce. i can't get him to eat anything without the sauce. He also prefers eating with his fingers but asks for a fork or spoon (which he then proceeds to just stab the table with). Right now the only protein I can get him to eat that isn't fried (i.e. nuggets) are the Gerber Graduates chicken or turkey sticks. Sometimes I can get him to eat deli meat but then he has an upset tummy for the next several hours (i have the same reaction to deli meats). Any ideas? Anyone? He's taking a vitamin to help with the lack of nutrition but its heartbreaking that some nights I feel like he's going to bed hungry. But I don't want him to think its OK to eat cheerios or puff snacks as a meal.


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My son was exactly like that when he was 2. I couldn't get him to eat anything he basically survived on milk, snacks and plain white rice. I tried everything to get him to eat but it seemed that most anything failed. Then out of the blue when he was about to turn 3 he suddenly began to eat everything i gave him, his appetite is amazing now he eats more than most children his age. Just give it time, he'll eventually come around. Try to find out what he likes and if they are unhealthy look for a healthier alternatives to what he likes and see if he will eat it. I know how hard it can be to have a picky eater so i wish you all the best.


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Thanks Jennifer. i have tried that and he seems to like gerber graduates chicken and turkey sticks. he also loves pouches and snack foods (annie bunnies, snack bars, but most of all pretzels). i'm not sure if it is a texture thing but i'll see if that is it. he doesn't like sauces, and detests hummus *don't blame him- i didn't get into it until recently). but he doesn't even like Mac & Cheese which is just weird.

April- that's encouraging. hopefully he'll get over this phase the same time he gets over the hitting and biting me phase. *fingers crossed*

Jennifer - posted on 11/12/2013





Hang in there! You are doing a great job. Eating can be a tricky subject. Could it possibly be a texture thing? It sounds like he is OK with protein in a semi-solid state. It may be a mouth-feel thing. Have you tried "snack size" pieces of healthy foods he can just pick up for now? If he likes sauce, you could try a healthy dip like hummus, yogurt, or pureed veggies. It's OK to be creative and let him try "weird" combinations. I hope this helps.

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