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I have a two yr old daughter who is a very picky eater. Do anybody have any suggestions on how to get her eat more healthier foods. Thank yu in advance :-)


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Hi :) I know of so many children that are picky eaters! I'm no expert, but I have a 4 year old who has wonderful eating habits and I hope sharing with you the way I bought her up around food might help you with your situation...

1. I started letting her try new (safe) things right from when she started eating solids
2. I taught my daughter that taste is her own personal preference and it's ok for her to dislike a food, as long as she tries it first (occasionally I'll bribe her - try some beetroot and you can have something yummy for pudding!)
3. I feed her things that I don't like or that I think other kids don't like. I believe taste is unique to each person and I want my daughter to make her own decisions about it.
4. Don't keep junk food in the house and don't let your kids see you eat it too often. I never had fizzy drinks or fruit juice in the house. Now my daughter would choose milk or water over a fizzy drink any day.
5. Try foods that are new to both of you! She will see that trying new things is something you experience right through life, and it's actually fun to do it with mum :)

Some of my daughters fave foods are sushi, ginger, shellfish, broccoli and horseraddish sauce - tonight she tried king prawns (which I don't eat) for the first time- she peeled the shell off, tasted it, and then ate about 5 of them! She has taken me by surprise with many new foods she has tried and I'm very proud of her. I hope some of these tips help you and your daughter :)


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