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My daughter is a pretty picky eater. She used to eat eva y vegetable given to her and pretty much would eat anything. Now she asks for spaghetti almost daily and won't eat as many vegetables as she used to. At her doctor's appointment her pediatrician told me "then give her spaghetti. It doesn't matter as long as she is eating." Lol!! I found this so funny! So now I am looking up more healthy ways to cook spaghetti that may sneak some more vegetables in there without her knowing. :) this is only at dinner time that she wants spaghetti btw. At lunch she wants turkey meat and for breakfast she wants blueberries and Cheerios. I guess she's going through that stage. My mom said I did the same thing at her age and only wanted Mac and cheese.

Anyone else's kid a picky eater? Or have any healthier versions of spaghetti?


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Michelle - posted on 01/14/2015




No one is as picky as my 4 year old son. He will only want one thing for days, then suddenly hate it. He has a very simple palate (although it complicates things tremendously for me!), so even if he likes something, if something else is "touching" it, he won't want it anymore. The doctors say the same thing. I've read that it is a stage and kids will eventually start eating vegetables again if they are continually exposed to it. So, I have made it a "rule" (although not always set in stone...) that my son at least take a taste of whatever vegetable. Sometimes with all the "forcing," it just becomes a battle of wills. He surprised me a few times when I made cauliflower (or whatever else he is interested in) and he approached me (without me calling to him), saying he wanted some.

Just try to remember why we want the kids to eat vegetables or whatever else. There are certain vitamins or nutrients that we want them to get. If we can get them elsewhere (that your child will like), then maybe give her that. For example, calcium can be found in broccoli, yogurt, and milk, etc...

Looking at what your daughter is eating, it doesn't look too bad, though. She's getting something from almost every food group, it looks like.

If her doctor isn't too concerned and your daughter is growing, she is probably fine and I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Good luck!

Raye - posted on 01/14/2015




Most kids go through stages of being picky eaters. My stepson would live on mac and cheese or white rice if we let him.

You should still try to get her to eat the food you make for your family dinner. Your kitchen is not a restaurant. If you send her to bed without dinner because she wouldn't eat it, she won't starve. She will eat when she's hungry, and she will learn to eat what's placed in front of her.

As far as healthier spaghetti, use wheat pasta and try adding mushrooms, celery, onions, etc. to the sauce. The tomato sauce will cover a lot of other flavors, so if you puree carrots or a potato and added that in, I don't think she would know. Will she eat a meat sauce? If so, try different meats like sausage, hamburger, etc.

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