Picky eater and spoiled by grandparents

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A little about me, I'm a divorced 23 year old living with my parents. I am an only child which also makes my son their only grandchild. My 5 year old son is picky when it comes to food. At school he takes apart his sandwich and doesn't eat it all. I recently got into altercation with my parents when it came to dinner time. I made salmon and white rice one night and of course my son said he didn't want it. He ate about 2 spoonfuls and started to cry. I told him the food is good for him but he just started calling out for grandpa and he started to argue with me not to force him to eat it. My mom also got involved and I just got too angry and left the house to cry. This isn't the only scenario that makes me feel like I have no control over my son. I've spoken to my parents and they still get involved. I get angry when they disrespect me in front of my son and he already knows to get his way he just has to call on grandma or grandpa. I don't have the means to move out right now otherwise I would but I don't know how to make the best of it.


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Oh, that's a frustrating situation. It's definitely hard to have one too many opinions on how to raise your child. But it sounds like you took the mature route by talking to your parents about how this makes you feel. Hopefully, they'll eventually start to see what you're saying. But I know it makes it more challenging to set boundaries with them if you're living in the same house.

As far as some suggestions, I don't know if this will help or not, but there's an article (http://bit.ly/1XTQdtd) about a similar concern I found. It's more from the perspective of your parents, but seems to support how you're feeling and offer some tips on talking about this issue. So, just FYI if you want to read it over. But, in the meantime, hang in there. I'm sure this living situation won't last forever :).

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