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Mandy - posted on 11/23/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Im having trouble with preparing my kids to eat what i make them. They are picky eaters and i have no clue what i should try next.The only thing they would eat is ckn nuggets and french fries, and cereal to name a few things. Is there any advice because i could use it. BC its frustrating preparing 3 different meals for all of them.


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Elfrieda - posted on 11/23/2012




I do the same as the other ladies, if there is something I KNOW my son doesn't like, like noodles, potatoes, or soup, I make sure to add something else to the meal, even if it's just carrot sticks. And then I make a plate for him with some of everything on it, and I allow heavy ketchup use. When he's done eating, that's okay with me and he doesn't have to clean his plate, but if he's not eaten anything he's not allowed dessert if we're having it. And for nightsnack he gets supper again. I don't carry it on to breakfast, though. The next day is a fresh start for food.

I try to make it more about him listening to his stomach than about power struggles over food. He can choose to ignore his hungry tummy and not eat, but that's his choice. He's never eaten so little that he woke up at night hungry. If he eats only carrot sticks for supper, that's his choice, too. It's not the most balanced meal in the world, but it won't hurt him.

Amy - posted on 11/23/2012




My son is a picky eater but I don't make a separate meal for dinner. I make sure there is at least one food that my kids will eat, whether its meat, pasta, veggie or fruit. I also know that my son does not like certain things like sauce, so I'll make what I'm making and then set a portion aside so that it doesn't have whatever I know he won't eat. If you don't like what I cooked then you don't get to fill up on crap later.

I will say that I let my kids choose there main breakfast or lunch meal and then build around that. Usually what they choose are quick and easy and then I add other food groups to it.

Ariana - posted on 11/23/2012




Stop preparing three different meals. Make what you feel like, but try to incorporate a couple different things into the meal. So instead of making spaghetti (and that's it) make spaghetti with some garlic bread and even some fruit/vegetables. I (usually) try to get at least three food groups into lunch and dinner. That helps make sure they get what they need to eat and also gives plenty of opportunities to eat different foods.

Make it a take it or leave it situation. Either they eat it or they don't, they aren't allowed to sit there and complain but they also don't have to eat it.

For me I would find something my son liked (for him it was hot dogs) and say, if you try ONE bite of this thing (whatever it was) you can have more hotdog (he could have one hot dog beforehand). That way it was up to him, he could refuse and not get another hotdog, or he could have it and get one, either way I wasn't forcing him or getting into a battle, it was an offering rather then you MUST try this. Plus I also don't try to force him to eat things he blatenlty doesn't like. So I KNOW he practically gags when he eats green beans, so why would I make that for him? As long as he eats some vegetable I'm not going to make a big deal of it.

I also used to put peas in his mashed potatoes, anything you can do to try and hide or mask the food (possibly cover in cheese, that always seems to work).

Also having them help make the meal or choose a reciple from a book and help you make it can help have them more involved.

Either way stop the multiple meal making and stop the battle, if they want it they can try it, if they don't they don't eat it. Do not give them snacks before or after. If they are refusing to eat a certain food group (won't eat any fruit/veggies meat products) try to incorporate that into their snacks, or only give really healthy snacks and tell them that's because they aren't getting all the proper foods they need. If they start eating the proper foods at least MOST of the time, then maybe you'll start giving them more 'snacky' treats.

Like I said, if they don't eat what's in front of them don't allow them to go snacking an hour later on cookies or something or else they learn they can stop being full by eating a snack food.

good luck!

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