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Hello, I wasnt sure if anyone still responds to this site but its worth a shot. My son was 7 weeks premature and had swallowing issues ever since he was born. He use to eat fine when he was at the age of eating baby food and then we moved to table foods he loved different ones. It just started recently (will be 3 in December) that he refuses to eat any veggies, fruits and meat. He literally only eats junk food (yogurt, yogurt bites, gold fish, pretzels and gummy snacks). I have tried everything from stop giving him the foods he likes to trying to sneak it in things. He will not have it, throws the biggest fit ever. He is still small but then again he was a preemie but the doctors dont seem to be worrying, I just worry so much about it. He loves his smoothies which is good I can sneak in fruits, veggies and protein. Any stories would help. Thank you


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Stop giving him the junk completely. If he was eating fine before he will NOT starve himself. Those things are fine on occasion, but if that is all he's eating... time to stop serving them. A yogurt per day (especially a lower sugar... but not replaced w/ fake sugar, higher protein type) would be OK... and goldfish or pretzels a couple times/week (again... once he stops refusing other foods), but the yogurt bites and gummy snacks should be removed from his diet other than rare, special treats.

Offer him foods that you know he's eaten in the past (as well as occasionally adding in a new, healthy food) in small amounts regularly throughout the day and let him be in charge of what he eats and when. Hide away or remove the 'junk foods' from the house and simply tell him that they are all gone. He has his food if/when he is hungry... and let him throw his fits. If he freaks out... take the plate and put it in the fridge and calmly say 'you must not be hungry right now. Let me know when you are hungry and I will get your plate for you.'

Stay calm, stay firm, but don't fight w/ him over food. He can choose from the several healthy option that you KNOW he's eaten in the past... or he can eat it later (and then by the next meal offer a couple of different, previous accepted foods).

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