Picky Toddler Eater: What does your toddler love to eat?

Renae - posted on 06/29/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




she likes fruits, pizza, yogurts, eggs, sandwiches & chicken nuggets with fries. But I can't get her to eat or try any veggies or meats other than chicken. Thoughts? Suggestions? She JUST turned 3 and is still cutting her last molars.


Ev - posted on 06/29/2013




It has nothing to do with what teeth are cutting. You need to give her a balanced diet. Just those few things you listed is not enough. She needs veggies not french fries. Try baked, boiled or mashed potatoes instead, less frying there. Sandwiches are full of those lunch meats which are processed, try cooked meats like roasts, roasted chicken, ham, turkey and such. As for chicken nuggets, they are not all the white meat that is claimed and they are full of more fat and fried as well. Pizza should be once a week or maybe twice a week. Its full of fats too. Yogurt is okay but watch the sugar levels in them because is not good either. As for fruits they are fine. Eggs are good but she can not live on only that. Just slowly introduce the different foods until she finds something she likes. But do not back down because that is what lets the child win. You are the parent. You make her choices for her right now. My youngest ate well (fruits, veggies, meats, and other nutritious things) until he hit a year old. Then it was only fruits and meats. I tried veggies till I was almost blue in the face and it did not work. So I made sure he had his meats and fruits before he got chicken nuggest and fries. That was a treat not a main meal all the time. He now eats everything under the sun and is 16ish.


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Melissa - posted on 09/07/2016




Soo yes it is easy to tell you make sure your child is eating healthy, but I know all too well that it is easier said than done. My daughter is 2 1/2 and altho she will eat veggies, meat, and fruits there are times she will not eat anything at all for more than half the day. Some days all she dose is eat and like I said other days it seems as if she wants nothing to do with food. I feel the struggle, but I think the beat thing to do is offer them healthy choices and cut out some snacks in between. Everyone I talk to says when they are hungry they will eat so don't force it. I hope this was somewhat hepfull. Just know that every child is different and what works for some May not be the answer for your child. Keep up the good work mommy!

Catherine - posted on 08/06/2013




it's your job to provide healthy food choices....and it's her job to eat them or not.
I would not ever make food a battle. If she turns her nose up at what you've prepared then she can be excused from the table after an appropriate amount of time and not have any snacks until an hour later. Kids have small tummies so 6 small meals a day (and make those calories count) is better than three larger meals with fried, processed or sugary snacks inbetween. .
Kids like to dip stuff, Tiny containers make food more fun.
Home made hummus or other dips with assorted veggies and whole wheat crackers, cheese cubes on a stick with cut up fruit (kabobs).makes a nutritious meal if eaten with yogurt- make yogurt the dippy sauce!

Evelyn Witt has wonderful ideas on feeding kids. Stay away from processed foods. If you don't have them in the house no one can eat them.
Get her involved in food prep- 3 years old is a perfect time to learn how to wash veggies for a salad and shake a plastic container of dressing.
Make your own pizza if you have to so you control what goes on. Kids love adding their own toppings. Anything they can 'help' with is usually eaten with gusto!

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