Pierre Ducan Diet- Does it work.

Louise - posted on 03/03/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My mother has started on this very strict diet made by Dr Pierre Ducan she has lost 9 lbs in two weeks but I am just a little worrid that it is so strict that she will have problems with her bones as there is no calcium in this diet and no fruit and limited vegetables.

If you have tried this diet could you please share your experiences. Thank you.


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Arielle - posted on 09/20/2012




I have done it and am still currently! I really enjoy the results. I have lost 40 lbs since may. Contrary to your statement about calcium this diet promotes fat free dairy. Cheese, yogurt and milk. There is fruit but after you have reached your goal weight. It is one of the healthiest, and fastest diets I know of to lose weight without gaining it all back after you "quit" because it is s change of lifestyle.It is not very popular here in the states but very popular in Europe, especially france where Dr Pierre is from. Princess Kate did this before the royal wedding. It has even been recommended to my step dad by his dr because the incorporation of oat bran helps with heart disease and steadying blood sugar. I have much more info about my journey on my blog http://fromrosecoloredglasses.blogspot.c...

Louise - posted on 03/04/2011




Alison I have read this review I just wanted to hear from real woman that had tried this diet. My mum is not drastically over weight. I will support her in what ever she wants to do but some of these faddy diets cause more harm than good.

Looks like this diet is not as wide spread as advertised.

Alison - posted on 03/03/2011




I wasn't familiar with the diet, but I found this review:

In the short term you can expect to experience similar side effects to the Atkins diet. When carbohydrates are absent, the body switches to burning fat as its primary source of fuel. This results in the production of substances called ketones, which can cause bad breath, a dry mouth, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, insomnia and nausea.

In fact, Dr Pierre Dukan recommends avoiding any strenuous activities in the Attack Phase as you will probably feel so tired. As for bad breath and a dry mouth, Dr Dukan simply explains they signify you are losing weight and so should be welcomed as proof of success. He recommends drinking more to ease these symptoms.

Constipation may also occur as a consequence of avoiding all carbs with the exception of a small amount of oat bran.

Longer term, this plan may lead to nutritional deficiencies, which cause health problems in later life. For example, if you have 40lb to lose, you could find yourself surviving on nothing but protein and a few vegetables every other day for three to four months. This lack of wholegrains, fruit and vegetables in your diet is likely to lead to a lack of antioxidants. Low intakes of which have been linked with a host of health problems ranging from heart disease and cancer to premature ageing and cataracts.

As a safeguard, Dr Dukan recommends taking multivitamins, but research shows it’s far better to get our nutrients from food rather than pills. Meanwhile, some experts agree that very high intakes of protein may cause kidney problems or weaken bones.

It doesn't sound like the healthiest of diets, but carrying around excess fat is not healthy either. In any case, your mother is a grown woman, and you should support and encourage her as much as you can. (and make sure she is taking her supplements)

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