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When did you put a pillow in your baby's crib? How old were they and what did they do that made you decide to use a pillow. I'm thinking 12 months or older since she loves using a pillow when she sleeps with me.


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In my eyes, babies and pillows don't mix. Even toddlers, until they are aware of how to get rid of the pillow if it is blocking their breathing. Most babies, and toddlers sleep so soundly that it would scare me that they wouldn't wake up. When my kids were babies, and needed to have their heads elevated, we always used the springs on the babybed to incline one end of the mattress. BUT, if you feel that your child is old enough to remove the pillow if/when needed, then it is your call.

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We gave our daughter a pillow at 11 months. As long as the child can move on their own (sit up and crawl) they will be able to move if they get in a position where they can not breathe. Just like us, they will readjust themselves.

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i made a pillow that wasnt to fluffy and he always had that one in his crib... i got a a small kids pillow for his first birthday and he loved it ... then when he turned 2 we goth im a full size one...

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I never put a pillow in the crib!!! We did use an incline wedge, which goes under the crib sheet, because of reflux issues. When we switched to the toddler bed around 18-24months we gave her a pillow. However she is four now and still doesn't use a pillow...it's there, but she won't use it.

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We started using pillows when he was able to sit up and roll over on his own. That way I knew he would be okay. Right now we are about a year but I think we started around 8-10 months.

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I haven't given much thought as to when I would give my son a pillow, however, at 14 months, I don't see myself giving him one any time soon. The possibilty of them sleeping face down and not waking up if they can't breathe is too risky. It's not something they need, so to be on the safe side I would hold off and maybe ask your pediatrician's advice at your next visit.

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my son 10 months he had a pillow in his cot for about 3months now. i put it in his cot when he got sick i had to have his head up so he could sleep with out geting sick in the night and not waking up i been told around 1 year to strat put a pilow in there with them

Quiana - posted on 11/22/2009




I believe we started when we introduced him to the toddler bed (arounds 12-14 months). He loves pillows and lots of blankets!

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