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Hi. I am 10 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I had an ablation in May of 2012 and was told I could not get pregnant. Further, my new boyfriend had a vasectomy. Yet, here we are. Shocked is an understatement however, we and our families believe this was meant to be. However, my Dr.s suspect placenta accreta. I am very concerned and curious. Does anyone know what to expect during the next few months as far as frequency of appts and ultrasounds etc? I am hopeful all will be well. I, simply, like to be prepared and real world knowledge is so much better than the general information I receive from Dr.s. Thank you.


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I have had a regular period, yes. Instead of 7-10 days, it has been 3 or so. Then I haven't had one since late July but I am only 10 weeks. My ablation wasn't done by cauterizing the lining. They used a balloon with very hot liquid to burn so, as I understand, ot is slightly less abrasive.

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Have you been have regular periods since your ablation?
I had it done earlier this year and was told it could be life threatening to fall pregnant, not that I couldn't. The ablation cauterizes the lining of your uterus, not stop you ovulating. If you have a fertilized egg it could embed in the uterine wall instead of the usual lining and could cause life threatening problems.
I have had regular periods since I had it done so at least my uterus is still producing a lining each month but my husband has had a vasectomy.

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