Placenta Percreta....My Birth Story And Testimony

Christina - posted on 09/08/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I had placenta percreta and I didn't know it until it was too late. I had early bleeding during my pregnancy and we thought we'd lost the baby because of large blood clots. We went to the hospital for me to be checked, and there was always a heartbeat. After a few weeks of pain and bleeding, the bleeding stopped. I thought it was ok. The Dr said the baby had implanted low and that was possibly causing the bleeds. Then after it stopped, she said the baby had been growing upward. So, we were positive for a while. Then, at an ultrasound, she said I was funneling. So, she checked my cervix. I was tinning and dilating. She sent me home on bed rest and to make a decision about a cerclage. I didn't have time for a cerclage before my water broke at 14 weeks. We decided to still give the baby a chance, so I went on extreme bed rest. I was only on my feet to use the restroom and go to Dr appointments. Everything was going ok until I went to an ultrasound Appointment at almost 20 weeks. It was the anatomy scan. We didn't know if they'd be able to see the gender of the baby because of my lack of fluid. There wasn't much. The u/s tech looked for just a minute, just long enough to get the heart rate of 157, and went to get the Dr. I knew then something was wrong. When he came in, he said I needed to be checked right away in the clinic. So, we walked over and the doctor there checked and said "the baby is coming." They brought a bed and wheeled me to the L & D floor. I delivered my daughter there naturally. Her name is Sarah Lynnea. She was born stillbirth. She was my only natural birth. It was difficult. My two sons before her were delivered by c-section. Her placenta didn't seem to want to budge. The Dr. Was working with me to get it out, but the umbilical cord broke. She suggested a D&C. It was supposed to be a routine procedure. The Dr said during the surgery, they almost lost me twice. My body wouldn't stop bleeding, so they did an emergency hysterectomy. It was then they learned about the placenta's growth. It had grown through the uterine wall and into my bladder. I had thirteen pints of blood and twenty-four staples. My husband and family were there dealing with all the stress of my situation. I woke up on life support. It's been a month and three days. I'm feeling better physically, but emotionally I'm still healing. I've been comforted by scriptures and prayers. I don't expect the emotional healing to be quick. This is very difficult. If I can help anyone else who's experienced loss or placenta problems, I would love to. Helping others is also helping me heal.

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