Plagiocephaly - aka: Flat Head Syndrome

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Hi All,

I'm new here, and may have just been unlucky where I looked but I'm really concerned by some of the comments I've seen and people's apparent lack of understanding when someone mentions a concern about their baby having a flat head.

My son is 5mths old and he has Plagiocephaly (aka: flat head syndrome). We have known about this since he was 4wks old and have done eeeverything we possible could to help rectify the problem. However, at 4.5mths of age we were told it needed further treatment in the form of a helmet.

Our paediatrician was fantastic at playing down the problem, but was very adament something had to be done as all the exercises, stretches and changes in positioning didn't do anything about it.

It was at the Orthotists office we learnt just how serious this condition is. Some of the associated problems relating to this condition are;

- A high risk for learning delays and developmental delay, - Increased neeed for special services when the child reaches school age
- Othodontic and TMJ issues
- Scoliosis
- Visual disturbances including visual field defects, and astigmatism
- auditory problems
- Psychological/social issues

So, to those people who have said "oh it just goes away" or, worse "they're just losing their baby hair" (??!!!!!! seriously ?!!!) How would you feel if your child ended up with visual disturbances or social issues because you didn't follow your motherly instincts and get some advice?

For those who would like more information, check out this website:

I know it's Australian, but it references the American Societies too.


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Michelle, my intention was never to berate others for their opinion but merely point out another point of view.

As a Mother whose child is currently wearing a helmet because of having a flat-spot it upsets me every time someone says "oh yes, mine had that too it just goes away", because obviously in our case, it didn't (despite our best efforts to correct it) and it doesn't always.

My understanding of forums is that people come looking for other people's experiences, and I was surprised (and a little concerned) that I have not come across anyone else who's had this experience with treating Plagiocephaly as it means there's not much info out there for a parent who is struggling to understand what they can / should do to help their child.

Yes, a lot of children will just "grow out of it" but there are some that won't, and a lot of them will go undiagnosed and untreated until they reach primary school and are seen to have learning difficulties. Is it not better then to raise awareness of this condition and help others see that their Motherly Instinct was correct and it may be something to be concerned about?

I don't have a medical degree, I have had to learn this along the way.. but now that I know, I want to spread the word, and I was surprised that people were so quick to assume it would just go away... because we don't have medical degrees, when it comes to something serious (like the shape of a head, a rash, a cough etc.) isn't the best advice to give "ask a professional"?

We should never self diagnose... and that includes telling people something is fine... when perhaps it's not.

Michelle - posted on 06/17/2012




You'll find that most people will tell the mother to see their doctor if they are that worried about it.


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Michelle - posted on 06/17/2012




Most children do have a flat spot on their head from sleeping. We aren't doctors and if it's severe enough to need treatment we would hope that Mum has spoken to her doctor about it instead of asking us online.

Without seeing the child we don;t know how severe it is so that's why so many post that it will grow out.

Please don't berrate us for not having a medical degree or examining the baby. We can only go by what a person posts.

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