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I am new to this all, and I am trying to work with my son Gavin ( 2 years old, daignosed yday). We are supposed to start intervention soon, but until then what can I do?

I would like to work on a few things. We are working on speech. I have picked 4 words I want him to learn and work on right now (thirsty (he has this one), more please, hungry, all done, and bye (he will repeat these only). I am working on him competing one task after directed to do so -- Throw away his dirty diaper. I want to work on one element of play. He does not play with cars correctly, he tries to stack them or he tries to attach and unattach Mater to Lightning McQueen over and over again. Should I try and teach him how to play with cars correctly? Making them drive, crash, make noises? I have been doing hand-over-hand with him, but he is just not interested. I picked cars because he does play with flying toys correctly (Buzz Lightyear, an aiplane, etc).

What have you all learned on working wtih them at home on social interactions and play that I can begin now?


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i dont see whats wrong playing with your child during floortime after all we do that alot here in this house, start showing him anything in a room objects and tell him what its called. My DD picked it up quick she just turned 2 :)

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