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My son who is 5, is going on his first formal playdate tomorrow, meaning not with anyone who im friends with. I have chatted with the mother a few times at school , exchanged emails and I genuinely have a good sense that there a nice family. I'm also going on the playdate too. It's awkward because I would be fine just dropping him off but i think she feels she needs to invitie me to stay to make me feel comfortable. although, like I said a drop off would be fine with me. How do I get this across without seeming rude? I'd like to have her son over later too, but don't expect her to stay either. Is there a polite way to get that across too?I'm all new to this playdate thing and this awkward should I stay or should I go aspect of them.


JuLeah - posted on 10/27/2011




Well, often this is a chance for the adults to make new friends. And, personally, I'd not drop my child off with people I didn't know.... chatted a few times and exchange of emails does not mean you know this person

We had some lovely folks that lived across the street. I chatted with the adults, mother and father, on several occations and had a good feeling about them both. Their kids were well mannered, clean, healthy .....

I allowed the kids to play outside in the front yard. I was right across the street and able to keep an eye on them from the front window

After the paydate, my kid was upset ... didn't understand excatly what hell was, but had been told we were going there and that God hated us .... blah blah blah

I spoke with the parents who were very proud and pleased with their kids - that is exactly what they had taught them to do

The folks down the street, also kindly seeming, had a large gun collection - not locked up or secure because their kids 'know better'

You get my point ....

So, go and maybe make a new friend ... have her over. She might be inviting you becuase she wants to be invited when her son plays at your house - if she had had experiances like I have had

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